Jamaa Letu Orphanage in Congo



We are now Kelly's sponsor at the Jamaa Letu boys' orphanage in Congo.  Our pledged annual donation of $493 from our "Change for Children" will support him with loving care, shelter, food, clothing, medical care, school uniforms and an education that hopefully will give him a career and independence.

       Our 2017 donation has been paid.  Any future funds collected will go toward general support of the Jamaa Letu orphanages where there are 33 girls and 22 boys.

       Kelly is 11 (birthday March 3, 2007) and in the 4th year of Primary School.   He was brought to Jamaa Letu after his mother died in the hospital and he had no one to take care of him.  The whereabouts of his family is unknown.

       Any individual or group can support a child.  If you are interested you can contact Rose Mangini - Jamaaletufaithful13@gmail.com- Sponsor Coordinator of Jamaa Letu Orphanages.

       Thank you in advance for your continued support of this important mission effort

  September 2020  
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